One year of joint work - MC "St. Dimitar "and laboratories" Zinvest "

  For a year already, the specialists from the "St. Dimitar "work together with the German-Bulgarian medical-diagnostic laboratories" Zinvest-K ", part of SinLab GmbH. As one of the largest European laboratory circuits, Zinlab GmbH provides its colleagues physicians and technicians with the opportunity to continuously enhance the skills and take advantage of the latest technology by participating in scientific projects, congresses and courses organized in Germany by SinLab GmbH . On the territory of Bulgaria SMDL "Zinvest" has laboratories in the cities of Plovdiv, Sofia, Stara Zagora, Haskovo, Asenovgrad, Pazardjik and Dimitrovgrad. Along with their own anches, the laboratories serve the medical practice of the specialists from the "St. Dimitar ". The reasons for which the doctors from the "St. Dimitar "choosing to work with these laboratories is that they have one of the most modern equipment in the industry, they work with the highest quality reagents and consumables in full respect of all requirements for quality and good medical practice. Last but not least, the Zinvest Laboratories perform daily internal laboratory quality control through participation in the system of external national and international control. In their joint work with them doctors-gynecologists, endocrinologists, mammologists, nutritionists, urologists and oncologists from the clinic "St. Dimitar "have the opportunity to provide their patients with some of the highest quality laboratory tests through the variety of analyzes that Zincvest performs successfully. These include hematological, clinical-chemical, haemostasis, immunological-allergic, hormonal, tumor markers, microbiological and others. For specialists from MC "St. Dimitar's collaboration with Zinvest Laboratories is a guarantee for the accuracy and accuracy of their services together with the highly-qualified team of the Zinvest laboratories, which continually enhances their qualifications by exchanging experience with leading colleagues from the Zinlab GmbH Laboratories in Germany. The oad spectrum of research, as well as the material and technical facilities and their personnel, complying with the European and national medical standards of "Clinical Laboratory", "Immunology", "Microbiology", "Virology", etc., as well as the possibility of continuous improvement of the qualification of the personnel in Bulgaria and Germany, it turns out for the doctors from the clinic "St. Dimitar "guarantee of the quality of the performed laboratory tests, timely and accurate diagnostics, which will fully satisfy the needs of their patients.