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Family health care

St. Dimitar Medical Centers pay special attention to family health, although women's health is a priority in their work.

For this purpose, consultations are offered with specialists in different areas:

  •     ENT (ears-nos-throat)
  •     Surgeon
  •     Nephrologist
  •     Manipulations
  •     Laboratory researches

St. Demetrius Medical Centers offer the opportunity to perform a full range of laboratory tests as it has partnered with a number of laboratories on the territory of Sofia.
For family health in St. Demetrius Medical Center is also offered:

  •     Prophylactic gynecological examinations and AD consultations
  •     Echography - abdominal and endovaginal
  •     Colposcopy - a study by which modern physicians are able to detect the early stages of a number of diseases - precancerous conditions, cancers, cervical cancer caused by the HPV virus, and cervical spine diagnosis
  •     Crusade
  •     Microbiology
  •     Chlamydia test
  •     Successful treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  •     Early diagnosis of pregnancy
  •     Abortion (interruption of unwanted pregnancy)
  •     Follow-up pregnancy (female consultation)
  •     Birth
  •     Gynecological operations
  •     Contraception: Tablets - after strict individual judgment, Insertion and removal of intrauterine spirals.
  •     Consultation and treatment of problems related to climacteric and menopause
  •     Consultation and treatment of problems related to children and adolescent gynecology
  •     Treatment of female and male sterility
  •     Treatment of menopause and varicoceles
  •     Transrectal ultrasound of the prostate gland