Family Health Care in St. Demetrius Medical Centers

St. Dimitar Medical Centers pay special attention to family health, although women's health is a priority in their work.

For this purpose, consultations are offered with specialists in different areas:

ENT (ears-nos-throat)
Laboratory researches
St. Demetrius Medical Centers offer the opportunity to perform a full range of laboratory tests as it has partnered with a number of laboratories on the territory of Sofia.

For family health in St. Demetrius Medical Center is also offered:
Prophylactic gynecological examinations and AD consultations
Echography - abdominal and endovaginal
Colposcopy - a study by which modern physicians are able to detect the early stages of a number of diseases - precancerous conditions, cancers, cervical cancer caused by the HPV virus, and cervical spine diagnosis
Chlamydia test
Successful treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
Early diagnosis of pregnancy
Abortion (interruption of unwanted pregnancy)
Follow-up pregnancy (female consultation)
Gynecological operations
Contraception: Tablets - after strict individual judgment, Insertion and removal of intrauterine spirals.
Consultation and treatment of problems related to climacteric and menopause
Consultation and treatment of problems related to children and adolescent gynecology
Treatment of female and male sterility
Treatment of menopause and varicoceles
Transrectal ultrasound of the prostate gland